Rock Machine

Manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for crusher

Rock Machine, a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for a variety of crusher and sand aggregate facilities such as Hydroconcrete, Jaw, Kubit, Sandwich, Sriand, Conveyor, Feeder, and Sand Salt is proud to serve advice, design and operation. You be Our other services are repairing various mining equipment and supplying parts and consumables.

Rock machine with the aim of designing and producing and improving the quality of crusher machines and supplying the standard equipment required by the construction and Mines of the country in this field since its inception, and now the company with the presence of skilled and expert forces Has been able to meet the major needs of mines in the grinding and grading sector.

Spare Parts


Rock Machine

Production of various types of crusher such as: Impact Crusher , Jaw Crusher Hydrocon Crusher , Hammer mill , Vibrating Screen , Feeder …

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Factory Address: No. 6, Fakhr St., Saba Shahr Crossroad, Sbashahr Outlet, Saveh Highway, Tehran